TEA launches webinar series for tomorrow's themed entertainment creatives • Judith Rubin
The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) is launching a new webinar series Oct 7, entitled "TEA Talks: A NextGen Web Series," to help students and others learn the professional side of the attractions business. The webinar is free, but pre-registration is required and tickets are limited.
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Saving the Future: China, the U.S., and a Historic Shift • Jeffrey Heller
China and the United States are the world’s largest energy users and greenhouse gas emitters by a great margin. They are also the most powerful and influential nations on earth and therefore can have the greatest leverage on the direction taken globally in managing the environment. National policy is the primary tool for achieving the goal of a healthy, controllable, and prosperous future. A review of these two great nations’ current policy status is illuminating.
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Addressing Rising Sea Levels in South Florida and the California Coast • Patricia Kirk
State and municipal governments are taking steps to ensure the safety of their coastal communities by implementing more stringent design and building standards for new construction and redevelopments. They also are beginning to replace old infrastructure.
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